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  • Herbert Lock, BSc

Our Background

Farm$ense Marketing is operated by Herb Lock. Herb's background in the private sector includes 10 years as a livestock dealer and auction market operator. He worked for seventeen years implementing and delivering government programs for the Alberta beef industry including the feeder association program, the Crow Benefit program. Herb also served as head of the NTSP (National Tripartitie Stabilization Program) for Alberta producers in Alberta and Canada.

Upon leaving government, Herb spent three years working for a private consulting group in Edmonton before moving on to incorporating Farm$ense Marketing in the summer of 1996.

Insight and knowledge of producer level issues and concerns garnered in the implementation of these support programs has provided Farm$ense Marketing with a ground level appreciation for on farm situations. Additional first hand knowledge comes from Herb's ownership of a small farm at Lessard, Alberta as well as commercial cattle investments in custom feeding situations.

Our mission:

To provide relevant information in a format that adds to the ability of the client to make better marketing decisions that optimise the resources committed to pursuit of whole farm profits.
* A man's Judgement is only
as good as his information.

Our clients:

We count among our regular clients, cattle feeders of all sizes including grain clients using custom services to industry participants such a livestock dealers and commission agents as well bankers and lawyers.

Our services and delivery methods:

By looking and watching globally, we provide localised strategies to improve the bottom line of our clients as they compete in the international market place from the farm level.

One on one client interaction carries the first priority either on the phone or in person as the situation dictates.

Our weekly newsletter available by fax or mail and a weekly Call of the Land commentary on Fridays are all intended to keep clients up to speed and aware of recent market developments that may have direct implications for their operations.

We coach two marketing clubs in Alberta in helping the participants adapt to change. We instruct farm market training often on farm, in small groups and in the classroom.

We have Court of Queen's Bench certification as an expert witness when the need arises.

Our hours:

We are reachable at almost any time one way or another. Best chance to catch us at the desk/ phone is early in the morning or towards evening seven days a week. We will make every effort to get back to you at the earliest opportunity. For best results we suggest faxing your comments / needs ahead giving us time to do the necessary research to answer your questions.

Our guarantee:

Try our services with either a complimentary one time telephone call, two weeks of our newsletter or better yet stop into our office for coffee and donuts.

If you prefer our simple retainer package we will provide a no questions asked return of any unused portion at any time.

If we don't improve your bottom line we will not be a cost to your operation!!

Contact Us:

Farm$ense Marketing

6114 - 37A Ave
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
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PHONE: (780) 466-3599
FAX: (780) 466-3599